Infinity Trust Mortgage Bank PLC (ITMB) was licensed in 2002 and started business operations in 2003, precisely,
10 years ago. Its registered trade mark - Infinity Homes is a reflection of the strong desire of the Bank to create
endless opportunities for shelter for every category of Nigerians. Infinity Homes is well capitalised with
shareholders funds in excess of N 4.5 billion unimpaired by losses as at December 2012 making it one of the
most capitalised Primary Mortgage Banks in Nigeria.

ITMB PLC is profitably run with very substantial and impactful value addition and great potentials. For 8 years running, the
Mortgage Bank has been consistent in increasing returns on investment and paying dividends to the shareholders, while not
reneging on its social and corporate responsibilities.

Our business policy is to run a highly professional Primary Mortgage Bank that is firmly committed to providing the enabling
environment for various segments of the society desirous of owning homes and other forms of properties. In taking our
decisions, emphasis is placed on keenness of purpose and effectiveness of service delivery at delighting our customers at all

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