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We offer different types of mortgage products with flexible terms. These products, which are specially designed to meet the varying needs of our customers include:

1. Infinity Mortgage Finance Scheme (IMFS) - a mortgage fully funded by the bank with appealing interest rates.
2. National Housing Funds Scheme (NHFS) - a mortgage fully funded by FBMN.
3. Infinity Bridging Mortgage Finance (IBMF) - a hybrid of IMFS and NHFS.
4. Infinity Homes - Ownership Investment Solution (I-HOISt)
We help to finance our customers' and trusted clients' mortgage projects at affordables rates and soft pay-back terms:
Infinity Mortgage Finance Scheme (IMFS)
a) 50% equity contribution, balance of 50% payable within a period of 3 to 10yrs decided on a case to case basis.
b) 60% equity contribution, balance of 40% payable within a period of 2 to 5yrs decided on a case to case basis.

National Housing Funds Scheme (NHFS)
a.) 10 - 30% equity contribution
b.) 6% Interest Rate
c.) Maximum loan per person N5million - N15milion
d.) Maximum tenor is between 5 - 30 years
e.) Monthly rentals not exceeding 1/3 of your monthly income. (For more information about NHF see FAQs Menu.).

Infinity Bridging Mortgage Finance (IBMF)
This is a hybrid of IMFS and NHFS above. It is packaged to serve as a bridging Mortgage Loan pending when the National Housing Fund (NHF) Loan is disbursed. The BMFS will be liquidated with the NHF proceeds anytime it is consummated. This affords our esteemed customers the opportunities to take possession of their choice houses while NHF processing is on and final approvals and disbursements are given.


Submission of well completed NHF Application Form.
Evidence of income; by submission of 3 months pay slips.
Submission of income statement of account in case of self employed candidate.
Tax clearance certificate for the past 3 years.

Infinity Homes - Ownership Investment Solution (I-HOISt)
This is a carefully packaged product aimed at lifting your burden of achieving your dream of becoming a landlord. It encourages saving towards home ownership. Your desire and ability to pay will be subject to available housing types, price, location and your verifiable income streams. With this product, we also assist in sourcing houses in any location of your choice.


* Open an account with a minimum of N20,000.00
* Save up to 20% cost of the house
* Access up to N10 million mortgage loan
* Monthly or quarterly repayment
* Tenor may be up to 10 years.


* Free insurance cover on the house
* Attractive interest rate on the deposit
* Automatic qualification for home ownership loans after 12 months at a special interest rate
* Easy acquisition of homes
* Easy repayment plans.


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